Money University™: What We Should Have Learned in School

Give your kids the gift of financial literacy, starting today!

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Money University™ is an online course made specifically for teens and young adults (ages 12+). We are teaching everything from money basics, to buying your first car, to applying for scholarships, to learning step-by-step how to invest in the stock market. We want your kids to be financially literate by the time they are on their own.

A 2018 FINRA study found that Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 have the highest levels of financial stress (63%) and anxiety (55%).

Financial literacy rates are declining, specifically for people between the ages of 10 and 34. Even worse, over 25% of people know they are not saving enough to be able to retire.

And the truth is, schools aren’t teaching financial literacy. In 2017 a National report card highlighted a discrepancy in the way states handled financial literacy across the country. 27 states received grades of C, D, or F for subpar efforts.

The worst part is, the cost of everything is only going UP! We can no longer afford to not be teaching kids how to manage their money. And it’s up to parents to help their kids become financial literate if school can’t put in the effort.

We have the solution for you! You don’t need to be confident in teaching personal finance.

Money University™ takes the weight off your shoulders by letting us be the teachers while you get to sit back knowing your kids are learning everything they need to know about money.

This is why we’re bringing the gift of financial literacy straight to your home with a comprehensive, self-paced course. We use video lessons, knowledge check quizzes, and a physical workbook to keep your kids fully engaged!

What's in the Course:

Module 1: Money Basics

- Understanding the banking system

- How to write a check, withdraw money, deposit money

- Learning the four types of cash accounts

- How debit cards and credit cards work

- What is a credit score and why is it important

Module 2: Budgeting

- Different budgeting strategies

- Free budgeting applications

- Downloadable budget template

- Sinking Funds

- Emergency Funds

- Learning to live below your means and stay out of debt

Module 3: Debt

- How to stay out of debt

- How to pay off debt with 4 different strategies

- Understanding car debt, student loans, mortgages

- How to apply for scholarships and grants

- Resources for applying for scholarships

Module 4: Maximize Your Money

- What to do with your paychecks

- How to automate your money

- The importance of opportunity cost

- What you need to know when buying your first car

- True cost of being a car owner

Module 5: Higher Education

- College vs Trade School

- The hidden costs of college to be aware of

- Saving for college

- How student loans really work including different types of loans

- Paying the minimum on student loans vs making extra payments

- Downloadable debt amortization table

Module 6: Side Hustles

- What side hustles can really do for you

- Side hustles that cost $0 to get started

- 10 examples of side hustles for students

- Earning potential for various side hustles

- Starting rates you can charge for specific side hustles

- The side hustle that earned me $2,500 per month in college

Module 7: Investing

- Getting started with investing

- Learning how the stock market works

- Retirement accounts

- Non-retirement accounts

- Index Funds

- Target date index funds

- Dollar cost averaging vs lump sum investing

- How to invest: step-by-step

- Layers of investing

- Stock market example

Module 8: Psychology Behind Money

- What it means to have a money mindset

- Understanding wants vs needs

- Not using money to impress others

- The 24-Hour Rule

- The value of giving

Module 9: FREE Module for Parents!

- Instill good financial habits for your kids

- Student credit cards

- Limiting beliefs around money

- Investing for your kids

- 529 Plans, UTMA, Taxable brokerages, and Roth IRAs

- Investing Bonus Cheat Sheet

The course has 3 hours of video content, but should take a total of 4+ hours to complete with the knowledge checks and filling out the workbook.What

We're cover EVERYTHING we wish we knew as teens in Money University™!

We look forward to teaching it all in this once in a lifetime course. See you on the inside!

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This course includes:
  • 2 hours

  • 6 month student access

  • Downloadable resources

  • Access on mobile and TV

  • Certificate of completion

  • FREE Module for Parents!